Men and Books, 28 March 2015


Magic Realityna Ek Adyatan Opera Vishe.. .(An Audio-Visual Presentation)


Balvant Parekh Centre collaborated with the National Sahitya Aakademi to organize an interdisciplinary lecture series: MEN AND BOOKS. The objective was to explore if music could help bridge people of different cultures, like the Latin American, European and Indian, a task relevant to our own times. A lecture by Dr. Vikram Kamdar, eminent medical doctor who practices in USA and teaches at the University of Southern California was organized at Vadodara. The lecture was based on the opera Florencia en el Amazonas.  Florencia en el Amazonas (English title: Florencia in the Amazon) is an opera in two acts composed by Daniel Catán. It contains elements of magical realism in the style of Gabriel García Márquez and uses a libretto by Marcela Fuentes-Berain, one of his pupils. The characters are inspired by García Márquez, but the story is not drawn directly from any of his works.