In order to make General Semantics accessible to the people in India, the Centre has decided to encourage translations of the key texts of general semantics into regional languages. We have funded translations of two basic general semantics texts into Gujarati: Dr. Hemant Dave translated General Semantics: An Outline Survey by Kenneth G. Johnson into Vyapak Anvayvichar: Ek Rooprekha.  Sadhana Desai did a translation of Martin Levinsonís Practical Fairytales for Everyday Living, as Divaswapna.


Vyapak Anvayvichar: Ek Rooprekha

Kenneth Johnsonís General Semantics: An Outline Survey is a key text in General Semantics for an in-depth understanding of its basic ideas and the subjectís connection with other systems of knowledge and methods. Dr. Hemant Dave from the Department of History at Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat undertook the task of translating this complex and multilayered text into Gujarati. After the first draft was completed, the author was given feedback by a group of experts in a seminar convened to review the text. Incorporating the suggestions and revisions, the translation took it final shape into a useful text for beginners as well as experts. Forbes Gujarati Sabha published this translation as Vyapak Anvay Vichar: Ek Rooprekha in 2014. This text comes with a bibliography and glossary of major terms.




With a grant from the Centre, Sadhana Desai has translated Martin Levinsonís text, Practical Fairy Tales for Everyday Living into GujaratiFelix Publishing House in Surat published the translation. Practical Fairy Tales is a lucid and delightful text about the complex philosophy and method of general semantics. As the name indicates, this compilation of stories around everyday lives of people is enriched with keen observation, fantasy and imagination.  Sadhanaís translation, while doing justice to the ideas and tone of Levinsonís text, has introduced a vibrant regional flavor into the scenarios therein by the use of idioms and expression peculiar to Gujarati.  She has used the title of one of the stories, Divaswapna (open-eyed ruminations) as the title of the book in order to highlight alternative sites of awareness other than events and actual lived experience. In other words, everyday existence gets transformed into knowledge-communication-awareness experiences by a change in our perceptions about the self, others and life in general. Rumination and imagination are essential for such a transformation. This book will be useful as an entry-level text for those who wish to learn general semantics. Sadhana has previously coordinated a regional seminar for school teachers with the Centre at Baroda High School.