Anekaant: A Journal of Polysemic Thought, Number 2, 2014





1.      1. Levinas’ Ethical Orientation: To, By and For the Other

            Gad Horowitz & Asher Horowitz

2.      2. Nearly All about Emotions: Blurred Edges

            TRS Sharma

3.      3. Abraham Lincoln and Mohandas Gandhi as Outsiders

            William D. Pederson

4.      4. Aestheticism/Asceticism: Exploring Gandhi’s Philosophy of Beauty

            Prem Anand Mishra

5.      5. Shooting Theory

            Shannon Bell

6.      6. The Ethics of Pain

            Bharani Kollipara

7.      7. The Migrant Imagination

            D. Venkat Rao

8.      8. Why Do I Write?

            E.V. Ramakrishnan

9.      9. The Virtue of a Learner

           Ranjan K. Panda

10.  10. From Syncretism to Symbiosis: An Approach to Integral  Knowledge in Humanities

           Maulik Vyas

11.  11. Korzybski and Lonergan: Towards a Deeper Understanding  of Self, others and the World We Live in 

          Milton Dawes

12.  12. Map Is not the Territory”: Evolving Turns in General Semantics

          Jasbir Jain

13.  13. An E-Mail Interview with Martin H. Levinson

         Bini B.S. & Deepa Mishra