Anekaant: A Journal of Polysemic Thought, Number 3, 2015





1.      1. Humanism, Human-Being, Human/Animal

            Stathis Gourgouris

2.      2. The Right to Become an Individual

John Russon

3.      3. Vegetarianism and the National Self: Gandhi’s Food as the Site of Anti-Colonial Struggle

Amarendra Pandey

4.      4. Signifying Gandhi: Legitimizing Ahmedabad’s Urban Future

Pooja Thomas

5.      5. On The Consequences of Our Interpretations: Summarizing One of Lee Thayer’s Contributions to Human Communication Theory

            Corey Anton

6.      6. The Body as Family Narrative: Russon and the Education of the Soul

Kirsten Jacobson

7.      7. Medicine and Society

Kiran N. Shinglot

8.      8. “Toba Tek Singh”: The Aesthetics of Trauma and the Sublime

Neeti Singh

9.      9. The Agora, The Dog, The Sage and The Friend: Tracing Cosmopolitan Ancestries in the Hellenistic Regimes

Payel Chattopadhyay Mukherjee, Koshy Tharakan & Arnapurna Rath

10.  10. Insomnia and Philosophy on a Plate: Beginnings of Some Musings

Leela Mayor

11.  11. Time-Binding as Scientific (Social) Praxis

Prafulla C. Kar

12.  12. Structuring the Notion “Time”: A General Semantics Conscious Times-Binding Approach

 Milton Dawes

13.  13. “Shoot Yourself!”

Bruce I. Kodish

14.  14. An E-Mail Interview with Lance A. Strate

Bini B.S.

15.  15. Poetics of General Semantics

 Devkumar Trivedi