Anekaant: A Journal of Polysemic Thought, Number 4, 2016-17 (Autumn)




1.      1. So You Want to Change the World? A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Subversive Thinking

 Lance A. Strate

2.      2. Gandhi and Fanon: On Nationalism and Decolonization

 Prafulla C. Kar

3.      3. Rishivad and Gandhi: Tradition and Swaraj

Kailash C. Baral

4.      4. Society, Law and Civil Disobedience in Gandhi’s Eyes:  Gandhi’s Views on Law

Prem Anand Mishra

5.      5. Salt Icon of Zero: Shooting Zero in Ancient Lands

Shannon Bell and Gad Horowitz

6.      6. Kafka’s Enigma: Paradox of the Law in The Trial

Elizabeth Chalier-Visuvalingam

7.      7. Criticism and Conflict

Suresh Raval

8.      8. The Merchant of Madness

Reshma Valliappan

9.      9. Role of Language in Creating Awareness about Sustainable  Development

Sonali Lakhera

10.  10. Stories from The Kathasaritsagara in Amar Chitra Katha:  Translation, Re-Telling and the Big Indian Picture

Ananya Ghoshal

11.  11. A Whole Systems Approach to Ethics Inspired by Fritjof Capra

Thomas Cooper

12.  12. Modern Lucretius: Alfred Korzybski’s Previously Unpublished  Review of George Santayana’s Scepticism and Animal Faith

Bruce I. Kodish

13.  13. “Hubris,” or the Myth of Power

Gad Horowitz with Colin J Campbell

14.  14. Geography and General Semantics: Increasing the Burden of Awareness

Dipesh Karmarkar

15.  15. Realities: Words, ‘Minds’, Institutions, Psychoanalysis and  Cosmoanalysis: A Calculus-Structural-Heuristic Approach

 Milton Dawes

16.  16. Interview with Amit Chaudhuri

Ananya Vajpeyi

17.  17. Book Review

Ananya Ghoshal