Anekaant: A Journal of Polysemic Thought, Number 5, 2016-17 (Spring)




1.      1. Closeness and Beauty

            Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

2.      2. Indian Literature or the Tower of Babel: Cross-Translation among Indian Languages

            K. Satchidanandan

3.      3. Translating Indian Philosophy and Discoursal Dysphoria

            Maulik Vyas

4.      4. In Search of the Everyday Sublime: Contemporary Malayalam Literature and the Crisis of Experience/Expression

            E. V. Ramakrishnan

5.      5. The Mystery of Plant Chemistry: Allelopathy in Strategies of Coexistence and Ecological Balance

            Sudha K.P.

6.      6. An Imperial Nutrition Discourse: ‘Disciplinary Dietetics’ in Jail  Manuals, India 1850-1911

            Pramod K. Nayar

7.      7. Constructing the National ‘Self’: Syed Ahmad and Liberal Education

            Amarendra Pandey

8.      8. Katharsis and Media: An Approach to Ethics through Mass Media

            Laura Trujillo Liñán

9.      9. Nietzsche and Western Modernity

            Yogini G. Nighoskar

10.  10. Reconsidering the Idea of Heideggerian Being

             Udayprakash Sharma

11.  11. The Quandary of Theory

            Nirmal Selvamony

12.  12. Expenditure - Mount Etna: Walking with Bataille

            Shannon Bell and Gad Horowitz

13.   13. To Touch Or To Touch: Towards a Tactile Reading

            Mashrur Shahid Hossain

14.  14. Navigating Ideological Battlegrounds after 9/11: Amy Waldman’s The Submission as a Multilateral Narrative of Post-9/11 America

            Jinju S.

15.  15. Indexing Creativity

            Martin H. Levinson

16.  16. A Natural Order for Writing Instruction and General Semantics

            Colin Campbell

17.  17. Satire in the Global Village

             Dan Geddes

18.  18. J. Krishnamurti and General Semantics

            Vanessa Biard-Schaeffer

19.  19. Interview with Poet Kaiser Haq

            Shamsad Mortuza