Anekaant: A Journal of Polysemic Thought, Number 6, 2017-18 (Autumn)

Special Issue

Time-Binding: Modes of Synthesis, Subversion and Innovation





Prafulla C. Kar


Bini B. S.

1.      1. Defining Humanhood

            Bruce I. Kodish

2.      2. On the Binding Biases of Time: An Essay on General Semantics, Media Ecology, and the Past, Present, and Future of the Human Species

            Lance Strate

3.      3. From Time-Binding to Times-Binding to Conscious Times-Binding

            Milton Dawes

4.      4. On Time-Binding

            Corey Anton

5.      5. Radical General Semantics: What Strange New Phenomenon Is This?

            Gad Horowitz

6.      6. On Korzybski’s Notion of ‘Time-Binding’ as the Fundamental Mark of Humanity

            P.G. Jung

7.      7. Bucky the Time-Binding Beaver

            Martin H. Levinson

8.      8. The “Myth” of General Semantics

            Colin Campbell

9.      9. Literature in and as Time-Binding: Exploring the Aesthetic-Political-Pedagogical Implications

            Bini B.S.

10.  10. An Aristotelian Approach to the Time-Binding Notion in Alfred Korzybski

            Laura Trujillo Lińán

11.  11. Time-Binding and Sustainable Development: A Comparative Praxis

            Aniruddh Shastree

12.  12. Sand, a Poem

            Lance Strate