Anekaant: A Journal of Polysemic Thought, Number 7, 2017-18 (Spring)

Special Issue

Gandhi and Time-Binding: Interface between principles and practices





  1.      Beyond "The Cackling of Metaphysics": Korzybski's and Gandhi's Ideas of Truth

            Rakesh Desai

2.      2. "Real" Socialism Against "Scientific" Socialism: Gandhi's Time-Binding for Social Justice/Reform

            Kamal Mehta

3.      3. Time-Binding for an unalienated life: Gandhi's strategies

            Bini B.S.

4.      4. Gandhi's Time-Binding as an interface between self-rule and Swaraj: A perspective from the Nineteenth Century

            Dhara Chotai

5.      5. Gandhian Swaraj and Time-Binding through the lens of Hindi Cinema

                       Biraj Mehta Rathi

6.      6. Gandhi as "God's Eunuch"

                       Chaitali Choudhury & Akshaya K. Rath

7.      7. Relooking at Gandhi's "The Monkey Nuisance" and some contemporary developments in animal philosophy: A Time-Binding perspective

                       Udayprakash Sharma

8.      8. Gandhi's problem solving strategies and General Semantics

                      Pratiksha Chavada

9.      9. From oppression to emancipation: Gandhi, Women and Political participation

                      Fiona Dias

10.  10. GAPS

                      Sanjay Mukerjee