Books Published by Balvant Parekh Centre 

Balvant Parekh Centre has brought out three books in collaboration with Pencrafts International so far. General Semantics: A Critical Companion (edited by Deepa Mishra), The Book of Radical General Semantics (Gad Horowitz and Colin J. Campbell [authors] and edited by Gad Horowitz and Shannon Bell) and Reading Alfred Korzybski Through Inter-Theoretic Explorations (TRS Sharma).


General Semantics: A Critical Companion

This volume comprising critical essays on General Semantics by both established scholars in the field and new practitioners is the first of its kind coming out of India, and therefore could be called a pioneering work on the subject. The contributors to the volume have tried to explain lucidly some of the key terms in General Semantics like “structural differential,” “time binding,” “thalamo-cortical integration,” “dating and indexing,” “conscious abstracting,” “creatical thinking,” “extensional devices” etc. Also some of the ideas from Korzybski’s two seminal works, Manhood of Humanity and Science and Sanity are related here with ideas from the work of Marshall McLuhan and Neil Postman, who continued and transformed the Korzybskian thinking to suit the changed milieu of their time. Some contributors have demonstrated in their writing the conceptual links between general semantics approach to life and the visions of creative writers. This volume will be a useful contribution to the disciplines of literary studies, philosophy, linguistics, communication and media studies, psychology, and education. Edited by Deepa Mishra, who is an Associate Professor at Smt. CHM College, Mumbai, the book was chosen for the 2016 Hayakawa Book Prize.

Price:  Rs. 550.00 US $ 15.00


The Book of Radical General Semantics

Arranged into seven parts, The Book of Radical General Semantics abounds with new and innovative radical GS connections and formulations which can be termed as vitally relevant to the present time. Gad Horowitz, the distinguished Canadian political scientist/social theorist is the primary author responsible for the overall conceptual framework of the book and he has been assisted by the scholarly contribution made by his friends, like Colin Campbell (who has contributed a number of very rich chapters especially in Part VII) and co-editor Shannon Bell (Professor of Political Science at York University, Toronto, Canada).

Price:  Rs. 700.00 US $ 40.00


Reading Alfred Korzybski Through Inter-Theoretic Explorations

TRS Sharma’s study on Alfred Korzybski (AK), and his non Aristotelian General Semantics (GS), as theorized and practiced by its founder and his followers, is arranged in two main parts. While the first part deals with the Western language thinkers in the light of GS – thinkers more or less contemporary to AK such as Wittgenstein, Chomsky, Frege, Bakhtin, F R Leavis and others, the second part considers in the perspective of GS the Indian language thinkers such as, to name a few, the Buddhist Nagarjuna and Dinnaga and the Hindu thinkers like Aadi Shankara and Bhartrhari. While the Korzybskian discourse based on premises of negation anticipates on the one hand the modern/post-modern trends in Western critical endeavors, on the other it quietly spreads its ‘Indra’s net’ to gather/reflect the scintillating images of Indian language theories, and their correlations with the physicist's cosmological reflections. Another fascinating side of GS, when considered as political philosophy, opens up, incidentally, the Indian socio-political scene, the elite student movements on university campuses, and the many colored notion of secularism as preached and practiced by ideologues and politicians. General Semantics commands an ‘implicate order’, which is ‘vast and contain multitudes’; it accommodates literary episodes, poems mystical and otherwise, which are used in many places in the present discourse, so designed as to strengthen and blend into the mainstream narrative. The book may be used by the scholars in the humanities and social sciences all over the world as a reference tool for comparative studies.

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