IV Balvant Parekh Distinguished Lecture

Disciplining India’s Diversity

Arjun Appadurai

3 February 2012


Professor Arjun Appadurai, Goddard Professor ofMedia, Culture and Communication at New York University commenced his lecture with a historical analysis of the status of disciplines in India’s educational system and reflected on how the diversity of Indian culture influence it. He spoke on the British strategies behind designing the university system in India and drew attention to its short comings. The commodification and corporatization of education in the present scenario affect mainly the humanities and social sciences. India, being a land of diverse languages, regional traditions and cultures and having a history of several kinds of dominations, political and cultural, needs to negotiate at various levels to establish a way of accommodating diversity in the realm of education. Appadurai briefly spoke about the American ideal of multi-culturalism and opined that such a superficial bringing together will not work here to usher the culture of diversity.