Meeting of the Representatives of Nodal Centres (English)

Representatives of English Nodal Centres

The Centre has already established nodal centres regionally for more reach and diversification of its programs and also for encouraging research and translation. The representatives from the nodal centres working at CHM College, Mumbai, Department of English, Saurashtra University, Rajkot, H. M. Patel Institute for English Training and Research, Anand, and Maniben Nanavati College, Vileparle, Mumbai (This centre conducts programs in English and Gujarati) were present at the meeting convened on March 5, 2014 to assess the programs organized so far and for preparing a blueprint for the future activities. Those in charge of the nodal centres at Bhavnagar University, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University and Jaipur National University could not participate in the meeting. However, they had sent a summary of activities, comments and suggestions by email. Besides the nodal centre representatives, Prafulla C. Kar and Sitanshu Yashaschandra (both Members of the Board of Trust) and academic staff of the Centre had also attended the meeting. Each nodal centre has a set of books on general semantics, organized one or more programs and participated in the activities of the Centre. In the brain-storming session, plans for reinvigorating the activities of the nodal centres and Balvant Parekh Centre were discussed.  It was suggested that each of these nodal centres may think of organizing programs on general semantics and allied disciplines independently with minimal interventions from Balvant Parekh Centre in future. The nodal centres are expected to submit a detailed action plan for the programs to be conducted every year for the approval of the Board of Trust.  Each nodal centre considered the possible plan of action for the year 2014-2015 which included organizing academic programs such a workshops, seminars and certificate courses; introducing general semantics in courses for college and university teachers and in graduate, post-graduate and research programs; undertaking activities such as publication, editing and translation at the nodal centres; and utilizing the internet and technology (skype and google hang-out) to  complement the academic out-reach of the Centre. Balvant Parekh Centre wishes to institutionalize the equation with the nodal centres in a well structured way. The Centre is happy to see the initiatives for stabilizing and decentralizing our activities through the nodal centres and hope that their support would enrich, complement and diversify our program and publications.

Prof Prafulla Kar & Sitanshu Mehta