Anuvad Vimarsh (A Workshop on Translation), 6-7 January 2013

                                                    Raman Soni, Prof. Kar and C. Topiwala

A workshop on Translation conducted in Gujarati language during 6-7 January 2013 provided a platform for reflecting on the problems, aesthetic, politics and culture of translation and the possibilities of publication of translated texts. Scholarly discussions on the theories of translation were complemented by sharing of the actual experience of translating texts from one cultural context to the other. The paper presenters focused on issues like language competence, intranslatability of idioms, the extent of freedom and fidelity to the text, the necessity to make sense of the cultural implications and historicity of texts before translating them, and translation as a dialogic process. The Workshop was organized by Raman Soni, on behalf of Pratyaksha. Scholars and writers such as Chandrakant Topiwala, Raman Soni, Sitanshu Yashaschandra, Shirish Panchal, Jayant Meghani, Rajendra Nanavati, Himanshi Shelat and Hemant Dave reflected on the process of translating novels, short fiction, poetry, scientific and philosophical texts. More than 35 experts participated in the workshop and presented papers. This program was sponsored by late Shri Balvant K. Parekh.

        A section of the audience