National Workshop (Sponsored by UGC)

General Semantics and Pedagogy: Application of General Semantics for Professional Skills Enhancement

28 February – 1 March 2012

Fakir Mohan Autonomous College, Balasore, Orissa


The Workshop commenced on 28 February with an inaugural ceremony attended by eminent writers Jayanta Mahapatra and Brajnath Rath who spoke on language, creativity and humanity. Dr. Gananath Dash, local coordinator of the workshop, gave a detailed thematic introduction by discussing the basic ides of General Semantics. Professor Prafulla C. Kar in his keynote address spoke on the origin and evolution of general semantics as a discipline and method. The workshop sessions began with an introduction to General Semantics by Bini B.S., academic fellow of the Centre. She also talked about teaching as a time-binding activity. Deepa Mishra reflected on the role of General Semantics in facilitating higher education in her lecture, “Quality Assurance in Higher Education: A General Semantics Perspective” by bringing in several of her experiences as a practicing general semanticist and academician. Her next lecture on 29 February, “Consciousness of Abstractions: A Paradigm Shift in Human Approach to Life” was an analysis of the viability of General semantics in making a change in human perception and approach to life. Her lecture was a critique of the Aristotelian outlook and an assertion of the GS method. In his lecture, “Instilling and Imbibing,” Devkumar Trivedi gave a comprehensive insight into the possibilities of General Semantics and tried to evaluate its methods in the light of scientific thinking. Dr. Gananath Dash spoke on General Semantics and the skills for a successful life. He highlighted various nuances of success and spoke on the GS view of a meaningful life and through anecdotes explained how General Semantics influence his teaching and professional skills in a positive way. On the last day of the Workshop, Bini lectured on General Semantics and Understanding Media by weaving together the ideas of Korzybski, Marshall McLuhan and Neil Postman. The participants were very responsive and made presentations based on the course materials provided. More than 50 people, including postgraduate students and research scholars participated in the workshop.








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