Vyāpak Άnvayvichār, the Gujarati translation of Kenneth G. Johnson’s General Semantics: An Outline Survey (Third revised edition), by Hemant Dave was published by Forbes Gujarati Sabha, Mumbai as the first book inaugurating the Balvant Parekh Granthmala. In addition to the original translation of the text, the book also includes an introduction to the life and work of Alfred Korzybski and a glossary of terms translated in Gujarati for the uniformity of vocabulary to be used in translations in future.


Hemant Dave is an Assistant Professor in History at Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar. He has been studying what might broadly be called South Asian Studies. His areas of interest and research activities are Sanskrit aesthetics (especially, the nature of ānanda in Indian philosophy), Nyāya epistemology, historical consciousness in ancient India, theoretical archaeology, Gujarati language (historical linguistics) and literature (19th century onwards; presently he is working on ‘Nineteenth Century Gujarat (1844–1915): A Genealogy of Gandhian Ideology’, a Major Research Project funded by the UGC, New Delhi), and anthropology of religion (he is working on the evolution of the cults of Melī and Śikotarī, also known as Vahā-vaī). Some of his publications belong to these fields.