Formation of Seven Gujarati Nodal Centers

Following up on the Board of the Trustees’ suggestion to disseminate the ideas and practice of General Semantics widely in local societies through well-planned grass-roots work, to incorporate areas of knowledge and work in addition to those of literature and to relate GS to some Indian languages and English, Balvant Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences organized a meeting of thinkers, planners and workers from varied professions, backgrounds and work-experience from different parts of Gujarat and Mumbai, on March 4, 2014, Tuesday, at Vadodara.

Those invited included Gujarati writers, teachers, administrators, therapists, journalists and leaders of cultural life, including field workers from different domains. Collectively, they covered different geographical areas of Gujarat and Mumbai as well as diverse realms of societal needs for theory and practice of GS. They included small business, hospital management, problems and potentials of tribal and dalit societies, needs of physically and intellectually challenged segments of Gujarati population and problems of multilingual, multicultural cosmopolitan centers like Mumbai and Surat.

Representatives of Gujarati Nodal centres


LEELADHAR GADA & HIMANSHI SHELAT                               RAJAN BHATT                                                                     Sitanshu Yashaschandra and Leeladhar Gada

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