In the Memory of Lavkumar M. Desai:  







              SATISH DANAK ADDRESSING THE AUDIENCE                                              DARSHAN DESAI ADDRESSING THE AUDIENCE

The Centre, in collaboration with Akshara, a culture study group based in Vadodara and Premanand Sahitya Sabha had organized ďSvargasth Lavkumar M. Desai Smrutiparv,Ē a program in the memory of Late Lavkumar M. Desai, in the evening of 29 December 2013.

Lavkumar M. Desai was a renowned theatre critic, playwright, influential Professor of Gujarati literature and a man who had worked towards cultivating a sense of fraternity and mutual reliance within the community. Writers, friends, colleagues and the family members shared their memories of Shri Lavkumar Desai with the audience. In addition to this, a documentary on him was screened and recordings of his talks and dramatic works acquired from the archives of All India Radio were played.

Prof. Sitanshu Yashaschandra remembered Shri Desai as a quiet, generous human being, inspiring teacher, an important playwright and theatre critic. Prof. Mahesh Champaklal, an actor and authority on Natyasastra reflected on his experiences as one of the actors in Lavkumar Desaiís plays and as a theatre aesthete who has closely studied his work. Chandrakant Rao, the present president of Premanand Sahitya Sabha recollected his long association with Lavkumar as a writer and organizer of literary programs.  Satish Danak, who is a prominent writer, narrated the incidents that showed the warmth and passion of his late friend. Darshan Desai, son of Shri Lavkumar Desai presented a vivid overview of his fatherís life and works, enriched by closeness of perspective and warmth of memories. He also read out a note written by his father, contemplating on the expression of human life-worlds and wisdom through letters.

The program was well attended by the people from different walks of life.