Upcoming Events 

BPC Programs

VIII Balvant Parekh Memorial Lecture on 12 December, 2022

FCT Programs

25th FCT International Conference : 20-22 December 2022

National Seminar on “The Politics of Compassion: Lincoln, Marti, Gandhi, King, Mandela”  24- 26 March 2023




Past Events:

2-Day National Seminar on 25-26 March 2022: “Practicing Silence: An Inquiry into a Mode of Communication”

Program Schedule: 25-26 March 2022 Surat Seminar

Program on 28-3-2022: Conversation Around a Book "CRITICAL HUMANITIES ACROSS CULTURES"

Program on 5 - 6 April  2022 (Revised dates) : National Seminar on Mahabharata Multilogue: Reading Epic Polyphony

Brochure for Mahabharata Seminar

Balvant Parekh Distinguished Lecture on 6-4-2022

21-3-2022 Program Poster: "A Symposium on Performing Silence"

21-3-2022 Program Banner: "Performing Silence: A Symposium"

Program on 30-10-2021:  A One-day National Seminar on "Alfred Korzybski’s Manhood of Humanity"

Program Schedule "Manhood of Humanity"

Program on 18-10-2021: Conversation around a Book named "Critical Zones : The Science and Politics of Landing on Earth"

Program on 26 - 27 August 2021: "A 2-day Seminar on Radical General Semantics"

Program on 16-7-2021: Conversation around a Book named "The Plague"

Program on 28-7-2021: Conversation around a Book named" Thinking, Fast and Slow"

Program on 15-7-2022: Occasional Lecture by Amitabha Das Gupta



First Lecture by Dr. Bini B.S. on 26 July 2019 Topic: “Structural Differential and Consciousness of Abstracting”

Second Lecture by Dr. Bini B.S. on 13th August 2019 Topic: "Key Concepts of General Semantics: Extensional Devices and Thalamo-Cortical Integration"

Third Lecture by Dr. Reena Ashem on 22 August 2019 Topic: "Key Concepts of General Semantics"

Fourth Lecture by Prof. Prafulla Kar on 6 September 2019 Topic: Key concepts of General Semantics "Time-Binding"

Fifth Lecture by Dr. Gananath Dash on 20-9-2019 Topic:  “Critical Thinking and General Semantics”

Sixth Lecture by Mr. Piyush Thakkar on 4 October 2019 Topic: “Reading Poetry in the Light of S. I. Hayakawa’s Views on Affective Communication”

Seventh Lecture by Tonisha Guin on 22 November 2019 Topic: "What becomes the Bhadralok: Time-Binding Difference"